Posted by: A Part of the Solution | October 6, 2011

Gratitude is a Dish Best Eaten Hot

I’m just full to the brim with thanks for the course of our project’s trajectory on We made our target goal of $9,382.00 with only hours to spare–we even went over. Despite the fact that the website was experiencing issues, and a number of people weren’t able to log in their pledges. Now we will collect a couple more estimates from local well-drilling firms to make sure we’ll have the best team possible getting us geared up to expand our pigging operation.

The Amazon funds won’t clear to us for fourteen days; although I suspect they’ll disappear much more quickly  from the accounts of our backers. During that two week grace period, we’ll be running our dehydrators day and night to prep up the apples and tomatoes which will be going out to a large number of our backers. We’ve already started on the apples, and they’re tart-sweet delicious with a nice chew to them as well. I’m so lucky that Rome Beauty apples are one of the classic drying varietals. Because, they really are as good as all that. Shortly, many of you will have the chance to find out for yourselves!

One of our backers qualified for the full farmhouse weekend. I advised him to plan ahead and let us know, so that we could maximize our bed space and create the best of all possible seasonal menus for their stay here. It truly gives me great pleasure to fulfill these obligations. I couldn’t be more warmly disposed to our backers if I tried.

The new well allows us to bring multiple sows in from the pastures to farrow. It allows us to stage a marketing campaign, approaching the best restaurants in the region with the option to purchase our Tamworth crosses regularly, or as a one-off special. The new well allows us to expand the garden on the home acres. Previously, we limited the size of the garden to what the house well could tolerate whilst still supplying us with water to shower, flush and clean our dishes. And this though the soil to the west of our driveway is far and away the very best on our 110 acres.

The commitment and activity of our supporters across the duration of our project already has changed the farm. We are capable of great things in and of our selves. But this third well makes it so much easier for us to get our footing and commence to scale our way to the heights of New Diversity farming. Whether you gave one thousand dollars, or ten, or simply used your network to spread the word–we thank you and we owe you.

Within the year we may be at break-even. We’ve been given the impetus and the encouragement to go on with our difficult, yet fulfilling endeavor, through your attentions and dedication. I don’t think we can ever say ‘Thank You’ enough for all you’ve done. Now get on up here and enjoy the fruits of your resource allocation!



  1. So glad we could strike a blow for dreaming and scheming and farming and growing. Can’t wait to see how things develop!

    • Me neither. I’m really feeling this one. I’m all rejuvenated and juiced up and good to get back on the bicycle and like that. I have a dream, and I may be able to make it real.

  2. I’m happy to be a (small) part of this. And I didn’t do it solely because I love bacon. I mean, that was a big part of it, of course, but I also want to see you guys prosper — and live long. So that’s the goal: bacon for the masses, and you guys live long and prosper.

    • Do we have to turn Vulcan too? Or can we just prosper and live long? How much does pointy-ear surgery cost?

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