Posted by: A Part of the Solution | February 17, 2011

Easy Chocolate Mousse

This easy chocolate mousse is something I helped to develop about twenty years ago now. A colleague and I were teaching small classes in the now-defunct chain Kitchen Bazaar. As it was ‘back in the day’, the primary food group being demonized was fat. So we taught a class in how to cook extremely low-fat foods, foods without added fats and cholesterol-free foods. Ultimately, we were teaching a class in vegan cooking–without coming right out and saying so.

Yes, I have acted as a proponent of stealth vegan propaganda for long years. Yes, the foods I focus on are ‘real’ and not weird adaptations or contortions of foods as they occur in nature. Yes, if it doesn’t taste good I will have absolutely nothing further to do with any recipe. And yes, that’s the class where the easy chocolate mousse got its start.

This recipe takes a little while to set up, but it will and it will be rich, creamy and tasty past reckoning when you get to it. The mousse can be made well ahead. Easy chocolate mousse is stable for about three days under refrigeration in an airtight container. Better than that, easy chocolate mousse only takes about 14 minutes to make (and I’m including washing the food processor by hand in this prep time estimate). It’s other ‘easy’ feature is how few ingredients and techniques are involved in making it.

This easy chocolate mousse will become your go-to chocolate dessert when entertaining. A chef at a big culinary school in the DC area actually told us at one demonstration that he’s just had the best taste of mousse he’d ever enjoyed. Really, I generally let guests start looking around for seconds before I breakdown and confess they’re asking for ‘tofu’ with such winsome and beguiling manners.

Easy Chocolate Mousse

10 oz soft silken tofu (the shelf stable kind, accept no substitute or your texture will be WAAAY off)

the zest of 1/3 an orange, and the juice of half an orange

6 TBSP vanilla sugar (place a vanilla bean in a sack of sugar about two weeks minimum before you want to use it, the bean lasts years in this use)

1 pinch of salt

5 oz bittersweet chocolate, gently melted (the more cocoa solids in the chocolate here the better, I like 85%–but I’m pretty hardcore)

In the jar of the blender, or the bowl of the food processor, put the tofu and turn on the machine. You want the tofu to begin to get so creamy that its volume increases. Add the ingredients through the salt and let the machine go until the sugar appears to have nearly fully dissolved. Add the chocolate last. Scrape down the sides of the machine and blend a bit more.

When the chocolate is fully incorporated, you may pour the easy chocolate mousse into individual serving dishes or one larger container. Cover it tightly (or it will absorb off flavors in your fridge) and let it chill through about three to five hours. Yummy, am I right?



  1. Okay. I may try this one more time. The last time was a LONG time ago, and I used the wrong kind of tofu, and I ended up with what I called “Chocolate Caulking”.

    • Yup. It really doesn’t work with any other kind of tofu. It gets all chalky if you use any kind of fresh tofu–and just the sort of nasty one suspects such a dessert would be as made with tofu.

  2. If you don’t have vanilla sugar, would the usual tsp of vanilla extract suffice?

    • Absolutely it would. But I will continue to flack for buying one vanilla bean and using it for four years or so (works out to $1.50/year–well worth the expense, and you get to choose between Tahitian, Madagascar and Mexican vanilla beans which is fun to do)

      • Oh – I didn’t know you vanilla’d your sugar yourself. Cool!

      • Mais oui! For many years now. I may even be on my second bean!

    • OR you can slit a vanilla bean and put it in a glass jar and cover it with four ounces of vodka and it will be half strength homemade vanilla extract in two weeks (store it in a dark place closely covered). This vanilla bean will only last a couple of years, though.

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