Posted by: A Part of the Solution | February 7, 2011

Bedford County Antiquing and Flea

I am often asked what there might be to do should someone choose to visit Bedford County, PA. Personally, my favorite thing to do on vacation is a resounding ‘nothing’–and nothing may be done here with magnificent abandon. There are hammocks and porch swings and shady trees and a sparkling pond (all fine accessories in the pursuit of doing nothing in style). However, I have been given to understand many people prefer to do ‘something’ on their vacations.

Surprisingly (to me anyway), one of the pastimes high on the lists of active vacationers is shopping. Well, good on ’em, as the Aussies like to say. We have the shopping here in Bedford County. We have fabulous flea and antique markets to beat the band. No really, you’d be hard pressed to find the assortments, categories and prices of the goods for sale up here.

In the picturesque town of Bedford (and really, it’s just quaint as heck up there), are tchotchke shops, candy shops, shops calling themselves pharmacies which seem to specialize in candles and picture frames, and antique shops–many with dining options so that one may shop for even longer after a break to refresh one’s feet and calm one’s appetite. There are antique ‘malls’ and ‘markets’ and ‘country stores’ all within a few cozy blocks of one another. What a selection! What an array! What a fine time you may have just window shopping your way from store front to store front.

But the real bargains aren’t in town. For those, you would do better to head east out of Bedford on the Lincoln Highway (Route 30, if you like) about a mile and a half to Hoke-e-Geez. No, that’s not my private nickname for the place. That’s just what it’s called–and it says so on the big sign for the strip mall in which it’s located.

Hoke-e-Geez is an indoor, year-round, 50,000 square foot flea market. It sells used jeans, fridge glass, computer mother boards, kitchen cupboards, old Christmas lights, duct tape, doilies, duck decoys, bumper stickers, books, vinyl albums, dolls’ clothes, dining tables–you name it. One of everything from all the history of Western Civilization is somewhere in that building. And there’s a price-tag on it, too. Hoke-e-Geez is open seven days a week (albeit not on major holidays like Christmas and Easter). Don’t call for their hours, though. You’ll tie up the phone line which is also used for credit/debit transactions. Just get there after 10am and know that they’re closed at 5 pm (Saturdays they’re open by 9am). ‘Kay?

If Hoke-e-Geez seems a little steep in price to you (though everything there is immensely less expensive than the shoppes in Bedford proper), you can head on down the road to We’ve Got Stuff. I kid you not. And it  is also on Route 30 (the Lincoln Highway). We’ve Got Stuff is east of Everett by a couple of miles, on the right as you drive east. They’re only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday–but they definitely do have ‘stuff’. And the prices are even better than at Hoke-e-Geez.

But that’s not all, there is also the massive, county-wide yard sale. It’s held every Memorial Day weekend. There are a lot of yards in Bedford County, and they have an aggregate selection to rival even Hoke-e-Geez. So get on up here and bring home the vitrine/egg beater/fishing lure of your dreams. It’s up here; and it’s for sale!



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