Posted by: A Part of the Solution | October 14, 2010

Autumn Color

The Bedford County Fall Foliage Festival has come and gone. I’ll be honest, I had a houseful of guests, so I didn’t get up the road to town to see the clowns, the antique show, the hayrides or any of the guided cover bridge tours. I didn’t see the special exhibits at the local museums; I didn’t see the reenactors doing whichever historical war it was that was featured this year; I didn’t get to the walking tour of the oldest part of Bedford.

But I did see fall foliage. I did walk in the woods, albeit they were mine. I did enjoy the crisp scent of fresh air in the morning. I did notice the faint edge of decay, from leaves and other plant life, finishing the bottom notes in the smells of the day. I did gaze in wonder at the side of Tussey Mountain, ablaze with all the rich tapestry of color the season can provide. I did enjoy spectacular (as always) sunsets and crystalline sunrises. I did revel in the stars, bright and clear and multiplicitous past telling. And I did have breakfasts of our own eggs, our own sausage (thank you Bobby, you’re a better pig now than you were in life), and our own hash browns. Can I just say how much I’m loving my first autumn here at the farm?

No really, the days were warm with crisp breezes. They’re beginning to cool off a little. They’re beginning to provide us with overcast, and even RAINY (this is a good thing when you’re a farmer), weather. They’re beginning to be even more autumnal. And I’m loving it all.

Scuffing through carpets of gamboge, bronze, and flame tinted leaves is one of my favorite things. Listening to the wind soughing overhead as I trundle through the stream valleys of my woodlands might be a close second. Tasting the intensified flavors of the vegetables now coming out of our garden transports me past reckoning. Really, I think autumn might be my favorite season–and I only like it better for being here.

Evening weather is still mild enough to sit out on the porch, swinging gently, sipping a glass of porto which compliments the richness of fall. Days are filled with tasks and chores, but equally there are breaks spent watching the new pigs rooting in their barnyard, the barn kittens learning to walk the back fence, the chickens scatter across the road to glean in the harvested corn fields. Does it sound idyllic? Do I wax pastoral? You can bet it is, and I do.

Am I exaggerating? Nope, not by one iota. I didn’t get up to the festival, but I’m not all that good at crowds. I’m a little on the short side to be able to see much amongst my fellow persons. I’m a little solitary to get maximum pleasure from wandering with the herd through all the activities. I’m a little more used to being on the other side of the craft table to get much joy from being a punter and not a sales person. But what I’ve got right here seems like a festival all by itself.

Come on up and try for yourself!



  1. Sing it, sister!!

    Autumn has ALWAYS been my favorite!


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