Posted by: A Part of the Solution | August 31, 2010

Porch Furniture Update

Nearly at the end of summer, with morning temperatures back in the fifties though the afternoon temperatures continue to peak in the high eighties, I took an informal inventory of our present porch furniture situation. I still don’t have a glider in possession. But I have a markedly improved line-up on my various porches, and around the home acres.

First up would be the picnic table. For now, there is a discounted kit picnic table with ample room for six to sprawl. It took our WWOOFers an entire afternoon to put it together, since all the pre-bored holes did not line up cleanly.  But that picnic table is heavily built and will withstand seasons and seasons of use, both outdoors in fine weather, and indoors  in the WWOOFing housing unit we’ve created.

At the Bedford County Fair in July, the farm manager found a booth selling locally made bentwood furniture. He spoke to the man staffing the booth at length. A couple of weeks later, he went to the workshop where the furniture was made and purchased a couple of oak rockers.

The farm manager  also found a porch swing built in the made-to-last Adirondack style on end of season closeout at a garden center in Hancock, MD. It replaces the ever so quaint, but slightly dilapidated, blue one left by the previous owners. If I could lower the seat a couple of notches, I’d be happier than a pig in mud (and believe me I know what I’m talking about when it comes to pigs in mud, since we have half a handful of them right down in the barnyard this minutes snoozing in the ooze).

And, AND, the cushions–made to order–finally arrived to replace the busted out, plastic ones with which our wrought iron porch furniture had long been afflicted. Instead of awful off white with streaks of mildew and random stains of unknowable origin with the stuffing hanging out, we now have a denim-indigo look printed with a large floral-paisley in white. The indigo looks great on both the front and the back porches. The cushions are firm and comfy. And their stuffing is all on the inside.

Our interim cushions came from one of the mega-retailers and cost only $21.99/seat. And they felt every penny of that inexpensiveness. Further, they didn’t really fit the seats to which they were tied. So there was an ongoing problem with getting some degree of comfort from the seat whilst simultaneously avoiding all the struts, rims and supports of the chair or sofa. No more! Now one just sits, and relaxes. Isn’t that what porch furniture is all about? Mindless, endless, cozy comfort?

I think I’m going to have to try sleeping out on the porch sofa a few times before the overnight temperatures drop much lower. If you don’t envy me yet, you just don’t have enough imagination!



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