Posted by: A Part of the Solution | May 4, 2010

The Next Work Party

That’s right, we had such a good (and productive) time we can hardly wait to get the next one organized. We didn’t have a lot of people for our work party, but we got a lot done. And that’s why we want another work party just as soon as we can get the word out. What’s involved in a work party, you ask yourself. Can I bring the kids, you want to know. Why of course. On my farm, our work party is for all ages.

We will be planting, and transplanting and fertilizing and stabilizing and watering and weeding and prepping for the piggies, and settling in the chickens, and sinking the footers for a clothesline. We’ll be past our last frost date (or on it if you come on May 15th). For work party participants, that means it will be open season on getting tender seedlings–like basil and tomatoes and eggplant–out of their little, tiny peat pots and into the ground.

I’ll be trotting back and forth from work crew to work crew watering them with refreshing, icy beverages. I’ll be bringing out nourishing (but very, very tasty) snacks to keep blood sugar up and productivity low-stress. I’ll be cooking up one delicious, fun-for-everyone meal after another. I’ll be leading woods walks each day, so that our volunteer labor force at the work party has a chance to familiarize themselves with more of our gorgeous property.

We have limited indoor housing. It is more limited than it used to be, since I’ll be giving precedence (though not preference) to any actual B&B customers we might have booked in. However, if there’s room indoors not bespoke, we’re happy to recognize that our laborers are worthy of their hire; we’ll put you up in eco-luxury!

So shake out the tent, the ground tarp, the pad and the sleepingbag. Put fresh laces in your stompingest pair of boots and fresh batteries in  your flashlight. Snatch up your favorite trowel, cultivator, garden weasel and hoe. There’s carpentry work for those who have some background. There’s tidying and sorting and counting and ironing for those who’d rather work indoors. We have something for everyone.

Oh, and did I mention the fun you’ll have here? The star-gazing really is off the hook up here. The frog symphony evenings is exquisite music to ears jaded by the not-so-white noise of traffic and too many people living too closely together. If you bring a pole, you can fish in the pond and bring dinner up out of it, too! With a camera on the woods walk you might be able to record your sighting of a wild turkey, or a salamander, or a wood orchid (or a morel, if they’re running late this year).

You’ll meet the farm’s namesake, our eight pound black-and-white furry feline companion. And you’ll meet his designated bodyguard, our delightful cattle dog Kaya. If you haven’t already, you’ll meet us, too. We look forward to seeing you here then!


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