Posted by: A Part of the Solution | April 12, 2010

Closer to the Beginning

Here at on the farm, we’re getting closer to our active stages of business and industry by the day, hour, minute. We’re beginning to round up those households interested in CSA shares for the 2010 growing season. We’re beginning to get the formalities in place: lawyering, accounting, insuring, advertising. We’re beginning to get the websites (one for the CSA, one for the B&B) to their optimal states. We’re beginning to understand the pace and rhythm of our adopted way of life.

I kind of hate beginnings. I’m very good at running concerns already in place. I’m very good at correcting those operations which have strayed from their best-practices parameters. I’m very good at helping others to initiate their own first steps to sound business establishment. But the many little constituent steps are a tiny bit boring for me.

All those weeny nuts and bolts crying out to be attended to–at the proper moment and with the appropriate amount of detail and to the exact length of time, this stuff is either too slow or too interdependent for me to feel like the broad brush with which I see the world and paint its solutions is the best tool. These are things I delegated in the past. These are the things for which I called in experts (code for someone I willingly pay to do what I dislike). These are things which mean ‘beginning’ and without which I don’t have the start we need in order to continue with a sound foundation under us.

But the results are and will be worth it. Once I have the chart of accounts set up, managing receipts will be a breeze. Once I have the website up and linked to credit card processing, room booking and availability and my blog, it will all but manage itself. Once I have the cleaning and laundering and shopping set into their best practices periodicities, I’ll be able to complete the tasks in their appointed rounds without fretting or consternation.

Until then, I stand on the brink of my grand beginning. I’m not alone. the farm manager is going through the same thing with the farming and the CSA and the livestock and the facilities in which those things are handled. There’s so much we’ve never done before. There’s so much we still have to learn by doing. There’s still so much to compass before we can call ourselves settled.

But we’re getting closer to the ends of our beginning phase all the time. And that’s a very good thing.


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