Posted by: A Part of the Solution | March 29, 2010

I’m Getting the Hang of BandBing

I’m starting to understand what it’s going to take (and take out of me) to run this large home and the property around it as a hospitality business. I’m formulating the rhythms and changes I’ll need to have in place not just to make people comfortable, but to do so seamlessly. I’m adapting to the shift in my skill sets I’ll want to have in place to get this operation up and off the ground.

I’m lucky in that I’m a morning person in any case. This is indispensable. I’m such a morning person that I’m up well before nearly anyone almost always (my own mother being the notable exception). In that respect, I have time to check e-mails, get the pets out and fed, clear away whatever is still in the kitchen from the night before and still have time to cook breakfast and serve up a slew of hot beverages with promptitude and alacrity.

I haven’t quite caught the whole cycle of laundry doing as of yet. But I need to get visits to the machines (and soon the clothesline) integrated into the texture of every day. Even though I’m not changing out the linens and towels every morning, there’s still a lot more of that stuff to do than there was when it’s just us farm dwellers. I’m getting there. Just doing two loads every day might get me caught up before the rush of real customers is upon me.

I’ve got the cleaning routines down, but I haven’t gotten their periodicity just right. Right now, we’re working through the end of the annual Chinese Multicolored Lady Beetle infestation. Thank goodness they’re Lady Bugs and not something hideous and objectionable. But though I spend hours every day with the vacuum cleaner, I’m not spending those same hours doing the ‘real’ cleaning that needs to be done. Instead, that stuff is added on at the back of my fanatical use of suctioning tools to rid the house of the USDA sponsored alien bugs in my home.

What I’m most enjoying is getting into the groove of directing people to the local sights and shopping and outdoor activities. I’m learning how to give fail-safe directions. I’m learning when the places I’m directing folks to are open and what time they close and how much they may cost. I think Bedford County is amazing and I am loving sharing my wonder with anyone upon whom I can get my hands.

Soon enough, I’ll have the habits and patterns in place to make the effort of running a B&B practically effortless. That will be a good thing, as there will be reservations to confirm and welcome packets to set out and flowers to arrange in addition to everything else. I can’t wait until we go live at the beginning of May. It’s just around the corner. I don’t fool myself about how short the time will run between now and then.


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