Posted by: A Part of the Solution | February 28, 2010

Our Halls are Narrow. Our Beds are Wide.

Not all of the beds are wide and tall. In fact, I reduced the number of queen sized beds I ordered for the house when I purchased them in January. Believe me, I wanted a queen sized bed in every room.

But the two front rooms, with two windows apiece–and long views to go with them, are old fashioned. And that’s where ‘old fashioned’ is a euphemism. It’s a euphemism for cozy. And ‘cozy’ is a modern explication of ‘small by today’s standards’. Since the ceilings here are tall, cozy isn’t even claustrophobic with pretensions.

I like cozy. Truly, I prefer cozy. There’s only so much of me to take up space. But there’s no getting around the physical dimensions of the floorspace here. And a queen sized bed just wasn’t going to make itself agreeable in either of my front rooms. Not even in ‘Winter’, which is bigger than ‘Autumn’ (though without the view of Tussey Mountain) by substantially. So I put double beds (full in trade language) in Autumn and Winter.

Now there’s room for my comfy aubergine paisley armchair in Autumn.  The room will also take a little dresser and a bedside table replete with lamp. Happily, there are pegs across the walls for hangers–so I’m not going to have to come up with mini-armoires to suit the front rooms. I’ll get a hanging shelf to house a few books and the art is already hung. It’ll be just perfect.

Winter will get a desk and chair set. I found a mirror on a stand that looks well there. I have an ‘oriental’ rug (as in from Ikea, but the pattern’s definitely of the Persian persuasion) on the floor to warm up the space. I have a larger dresser that will be comfortable, without being overwhelming in Winter. I still need a teeny-tiny bookshelf, though I might just line the books up along the top of the dresser–as I’m well provided with functional bookends amongst my extensive collection of tchotchkes.

‘Summer’ and the ‘Spring’ suite both have those queen sized beds I’d hoped to put everywhere. And the farm manager and I went through interesting contortions and fusses and maneuvering and manipulating to get the queen foundation from the room in which we stored it whilst we finished repainting (buff with country blue trim) into Summer. In the end, we only had to take the upstairs bathroom door off to get the foundation wrassled into Summer.

We’re putting the first daybed together now. It will fit easily into Summer. Summer has a ceiling fan, and views on three sides. There’s a large closet for guests (as well as one for household storage use). I’ll add bedside tables and lamps. And there’ll be a desk with a chair. It will need a new rug, though. The old blue rag rug just isn’t in any condition to carry on without extensive (for which read disproportionately expensive) rehabilitation.

Spring is still a bare-bones work in progress. But I have plans, and the bed frame’s already in position.


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