Posted by: A Part of the Solution | January 28, 2010

We Bought the Farm

We did it. We sweated and swore and faxed and phoned and ran up a count of more than 800 e-mails and we did it. We went through three real estate agents, two bankers and all of our patience and did it.

We didn’t quite have to sell our souls to make the dream come true, but we are the proud owners of 100 + acres: 72 in mixed timber not harvested for at least 28 years, the in rest rolling fields having been rotated through corn for at least the last quarter century. There’s a pond stocked with fish, whose kinds I can never keep in my head. There are seasonal streams running hard with the ongoing melt-off of the snows so far. There are mature oaks to make acorns for the pigs and mature hickories to make nuts for the people.

We don’t have pigs yet. We don’t have goats yet. We don’t have chickens yet. We don’t have fences yet. We don’t have a tractor yet. We don’t have raised beds for the veggies yet. We don’t have our hedgerows planned yet. We don’t have a website for the CSA and B&B yet. We don’t even have a logo yet. Though we do have a name for our home. We we named it after our rescue kitten, now a bona fide napper-hunter society adult feline.

But we do have a farm. And the farm has a barn. And the barn has electricity. And the tool shed might have been a chicken coop once upon a time. Though I’d rather rehab it into a guest cottage or an intern cabin, or even a caretaker’s suite than turn it back over to the chickens.

Can I just say how terrified and gratified I am to have this chance to make a different kind of dream come true?


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