Posted by: A Part of the Solution | September 8, 2009

A Part of the Solution

How badly do we want out of suburbia and into farming? Badly enough to sell our homes, arm ourselves with how-tos, and how-not-tos, ignore the tentative harrumphing of friends and family who know we don’t have a background in farming, and prepare to do the nearly impossible (or start on it) before the tax year draws to a close.

How do we hope to make our dreams come true? By means of my background in hospitality (mainly food-prep, but anyone who knows me will affirm that I am a wonderful hostess to my overnight guests, some of whom ended up staying for years). And by means of his dogged determination to learn the land and the plants and animals with which we hope to populate it.

The odds are long, the times are tough, the road is all uphill for the forseeable future. But anything is better than living our lives out in an increasingly unsatisfying and crowded part of the American paradigm.



  1. American paradigm unsatisfying? Have you tried buying an SUV?

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